Training Programs

Course Code: PIE-22 
English Listening and Speaking 
Suitable for School and College students who want to improve their English fluency
At our English Lab, you will be trained to become fluent and confident English speaker
We will provide you audio and video based learning environment and teach you many techniques in a fun way to improve your English fluency

Course Code: PIE-7 
Computer basics and MS Office 
Suitable for those who are new to computer and new to office
At our Computer Lab, you will start learning the very basic of operating a computer, sending and receiving email, browsing the internet and working with Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint
You will acquire the basic skill "Learn to learn and do" with computer and Internet that helps to accomplish your work faster. You will be able to prepare office documents, do simple accounts maintenance in excel and prepare powerpoint presentations

Course Code: PIE-71 
Employability Skills 
Suitable to those who are preparing for the first job
At our PIE Lab, our team will train and develop you for the basic skills that are interviewed and expected by any corporate.
You will undergo many group discussions, individual presentations, mock interviews. You will get certified for the skills that you own and get opportunity to improve further.

View our announcements page for upcoming classes (or) explore with us options for private training.
Venue: Sri Balaji Towers, K.K.Nagar Bus Terminus, Trichy